Pain pills, while helpful in the short term, can be damaging in the long run. Oftentimes they’re prescribed for trauma injuries, headaches, or muscle pain. However, they can also quickly cause dependence because of their addictive nature. In fact, many people who are addicted to heroin or other opioids started by taking a prescription from their regular doctor or hospital. Opioids are overprescribed, causing patients to quickly become addicted to them. 

To learn more about the most addictive opioids and painkillers that are prescribed, keep reading. This guide covers the top five most addictive pain pills, as well as how to get help if you’re struggling with dependence or addiction. 

1. Fentanyl 

Fentanyl, sold under brand names Actiq, Duragesic, and Sublimaze is usually prescribed to patients who are experiencing intense pain. Most frequently, fentanyl is prescribed after surgery or after a traumatic event, like a car accident to help patients deal with the pain that they’re feeling. Fentanyl is available as a lozenge, injection, or skin patch. 

Fentanyl is prescribed by doctors, but it’s also commonly sold on the street. Fentanyl can be deadly in high doses and is often used to cut other drugs, making them more potent. 

2. OxyContin

OxyContin is the brand name for extended-release oxycodone. Oxycodone is very commonly prescribed for pain and is one of the most common types of pain medication. It’s prescribed for moderate or severe pain and is used to help patients reduce the pain they’re feeling for an extended period of time. 

OxyContin is also referred to as Oxycet, Oxycotton, Oxy, or Hillbilly Heroin. People often become addicted to it when it’s prescribed. When their prescription runs out, they might turn to other drugs on the street. 

3. Demerol 

Demerol or meperidine is used in combination with anesthesia during surgery and procedures that require patients to go under. Demerol helps to treat moderate to severe pain before, during, and after surgery. It’s often given to pregnant women during childbirth. It’s available as a liquid, injection, and tablet. 

4. Hydrocodone 

Hydrocodone is one of the most popular pain killers and is frequently found on the street. Hydrocodone is sold under the brand names Vicodin, Norco, and Zohydro. Hydrocodone is most commonly used to treat moderate and severe pain that occurs as a result of a chronic condition. It’s also used to treat pain that occurs after a surgical procedure or because of an accident or injury. 

For those with chronic pain, developing an addiction to hydrocodone is easy. Chronic pain can be difficult to deal with, and it can be hard to find relief, which is why many turn to hydrocodone. However, as the drug isn’t meant to be a long-term solution, it can cause addiction and dependence easily. 

5. Morphine 

Morphine (brand names Duramorph and MS Contin) is used only to treat severe or ongoing pain. Morphine is commonly used in conjunction with cancer treatment and is available in many forms, such as injection, tablet, and suppository. 

Morphine is incredibly addictive, but it’s prescribed often, so it’s much harder to become addicted to the substance. Heroin is made out of morphine, so this drug is incredibly common on the streets as well. Many people who become addicted to morphine or other opioids turn to heroin when they no longer have access to their prescription. 

Find Treatment for Opioid Addiction 

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