Alcohol Rehab in Asheville, NC

Seeking alcohol addiction treatment is a difficult decision but, often, a necessary one. Addiction compromises an individual’s relationships, livelihood, and health with the potential to destroy all. By getting alcohol rehab in Asheville, an individual will be given the tools needed to take back control of their life and recover with confidence.  

Below are common questions asked in order to gauge if treatment is needed: 

  • How many drinks do you have on a typical day?
  • How often are six or more drinks consumed on one occasion? 
  • Is alcohol relied on in times of stress or hardship? 
  • Is drinking often followed by regret?

Observed as the most addictive substance in the United States, alcohol continues to be a cause for concern. If alcohol is relied upon on a daily basis, addiction treatment will likely be recommended. If you or a loved one is struggling with this addiction, we are here to help. We have a team of dedicated, professional addiction treatment providers who guide and support our clients through the rehabilitation process, so the days of waiting for that next drink are long gone.

Alcohol Rehab in Asheville, NC

Alcohol is easily accessible. Unlike illicit drugs, alcohol can be legally purchased at restaurants, convenience stores, grocery stores, or events. There is no challenge to getting a drink anywhere, anytime. Not only is it accessible, but it is intertwined with societal norms. For example, it is customary to partake in a champagne toast for a new bride and groom, or to cheers with a friend who just received a long-awaited promotion at work. Because alcohol consumption is so widely accepted, the line between drinking responsibly and drinking dependently is easily blurred. 

Alcohol addiction isn’t just a desire for a drink, and it doesn’t stop at the end of the week, happy hour, or a Saturday night out with friends.  Alcohol addiction is much deeper, affecting the very core of the brain and how it processes the effects of alcohol.

Alcoholism is characterized by increased tolerance, meaning an individual gradually has to consume more alcohol in order to achieve a “buzz”. Because of this developed tolerance, consumption becomes difficult to manage. Uncontrolled alcohol consumption is followed by physical dependency, an unwavering urge to drink alcohol. 

Once dependency has been established, the brain’s neurology is permanently changed. These changes in the brain chemistry nurture the individual’s inability to refrain from drinking and, although they may be aware of the health risks of drinking, an alcoholic remains unable to control their compulsive drinking impulses. 

Some signs of alcohol abuse are easily recognizable, but others may be more difficult to detect. This often depends on the severity of the addiction. For example, drinking heavily in private is often an indicator of an advanced addiction. This makes it difficult for family members or friends to intervene. 

Common signs of a mild alcohol addiction are agitation, prioritizing alcohol above menial obligations, neglecting personal relationships, and disregard for appearance or hygiene, among others. 

Which Treatment Program Is Right For You/Them?

Entering into a recovery program for alcohol rehab in Asheville with the help of an addiction specialist reinforces lifelong sobriety. At Asheville Recovery Center, we guide you through the recovery process and give you the tools to help you achieve your sobriety goal.

We have three different alcohol addiction treatment options that can be customized to fit an addict’s current situation.

Alcohol Treatment Program

Of all the treatments offered at Asheville Recovery Center, a treatment program is the most effective in helping alcohol addicts get freedom from alcohol abuse and finally get sober. When paired with your commitment to beat alcohol addiction, this program has the highest success rate.

The addiction treatment program is beneficial primarily because:

It Allows Streamlined Focus

There is no outside distraction to keep the addict from meeting their goal. Gone are the stores and restaurants that were previously at their disposal and this new, temporary home won’t have alcohol readily available like the addict’s current home may have. The temptations for a drink are non-existent.

Alcohol Rehab in Asheville

The Care is 24-7

We are here to support the addicts in our treatment program around the clock.  There isn’t a team at home help to help manage an alcohol addiction like the team at Asheville Recovery Center.  The first few days of sobriety are often the most challenging, and we’ll have a variety of qualified professionals on-site and available to help at any given moment.

The Program is Structured

A set routine is the standard operating procedure for most treatment facilities, as it creates a sense of security in knowing what to expect next.  We do have structured days, but also offer holistic addiction treatment opportunities to focus on other areas of health and wellness while our addicts are on the road to recovery.

What Methods Are Used During Treatment?

There are several addiction treatment methods used for alcohol rehab in Asheville.  We’ll find which of the below options work best for each of our clients following medical detox. It is imperative that detox is completed prior to beginning treatment of any kind, so we’ll provide our clients with a partner organization that offers this service.  Detoxing prior to treatment will ensure that the individual doesn’t experience withdrawal symptoms, so the focus can be on getting better using the following methods:

Individual and Group Therapy

Both therapies have specific benefits as they relate to alcohol addiction. Addressing traumatic situations, negative habits, and cognitive thinking is key, along with several other successful techniques backed by advances in mental health and addiction treatment. This is when underlying issues are typically revealed, and specific measures can be taken to ensure mental and emotional health and healing.

Group sessions differ from individual sessions. Being amongst other like individuals serves as a comfort for those struggling with addiction and reminds them that they are not alone.

Substance Use and Mental Health

Often, individuals seeking alcohol rehab in Asheville also suffer from some other kind of mental illness.  The time spent at the rehab center will address and diagnose any other underlying mental health issues.

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Family Counseling

Because alcohol addiction most likely affects family members, it is important that the families take part in the healing process.  Our clinical director specializes in family therapy and will help facilitate communication throughout the recovery process and will provide effective tools in how to communicate once treatment concludes.

Holistic Therapy

Our techniques have proven successful in the rehabilitation of all addictions, but we also realize the importance of considering alternative therapies that can support the recovery process.  Our clients will have the opportunity to explore, yoga/meditation, and chiropractic sessions and many others to see if these alternative therapies have a positive impact on the rehabilitation and recovery process.

Other Successful Alcohol Treatment Options

While the treatment program has the highest success rate for alcohol rehab in Asheville and we highly recommend this option, we do realize that it may not be the best solution for all of our clients.  For this reason, we offer other recovery methods that have also proven successful.

Partial Hospitalization Treatment

Partial Hospitalization Treatment, commonly referred to as PHP, allows the client to spend the daytime hours in treatment while still living at home. This is often the go-to transitional treatment following the treatment program.  It is best utilized in this manner, however, no matter when it is implemented into the recovery program, the methods of treatment are still the same:

  • Group and Individual Therapies
  • Twelve-Step Facilitation
  • Holistic Therapy Options

If a client decides that this program best fits their lifestyle, the staff at Asheville Recovery Center will create a customized plan that works best for that person and caters to their specific needs.  They will receive peer to peer support along with the guidance and support of supervisory behavioral technicians as healing from alcohol addiction begins.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment

As the partial hospitalization treatments come to close, at Asheville Recovery Center, we then transition you to Intensive Outpatient Treatment.  This is a part-time program that allows more freedom for school, work or other healthy commitments that will support a life of sobriety.

The small group of peers – that we keep at no more than 45 individuals – ensures an effective client-to-staff ratio to meet the needs of each group member. This continued clinical support allows for both individual and group therapy as well as medical staff support for other treatment methods that were available in the partial hospitalization treatment programs. The flexibility that comes along with this program allows for the rebuilding of life skills and a productive, independent lifestyle while still supporting the needs of a recovering alcohol addict.

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An addict should never feel left to battle their alcohol addiction alone. The beginning of a fulfilling life free from alcohol abuse starts with a simple step to reach out to the right alcohol treatment center.  We are here for you.  If you are seeking alcohol rehab in Asheville, call us today to get started.  Sobriety is waiting, so let’s get there, together.