Paying for Treatment

Paying for Treatment at Asheville Recovery Center

The cost of addiction treatment can be a burden for many families. More than 13% of American adults, or about 34 million people, report knowing of at least one friend or family member in the past five years who died after not receiving needed medical treatment because they were unable to pay for it. Typically, the cost of rehabilitation services varies depending on the treatment provided and the length of stay. At Asheville Recovery Center, we understand the importance of affordable, effective addiction care. That is why we work with the following: 

  • Private Insurance
  • Employer-sponsored Insurance
  • Medical Loans
  • Payment Plans
Paying for Treatment at Asheville Recovery Center

Private Insurance

If a potential client does not have health insurance through an employer or family member, purchasing individual coverage can ensure treatment at a lower cost. Purchasing private health insurance is done through the Healthcare Marketplace, also known as the Health Insurance Exchange, where people without health care insurance can find information regarding health insurance options and enroll in a health insurance plan. Health Insurance purchased through the HealthCare Marketplace is typically required to cover partial to the full cost of substance abuse treatment as stated in the Affordable care Act. Treatment for Substance Use Disorder is included in the Act as one of the 10 elements of essential health benefits, therefore you can expect at least partial monetary coverage when using a public insurance plan. 

Employer-sponsored Insurance

As a benefit of employment, many Americans have employer-sponsored insurance. These insurance policies often cover a wider range of treatment and at a lower price to individuals covered.  Financial coverage through employer-sponsored insurance varies depending on the individual’s policy. Major healthcare companies such as Aetna, Cigna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and Humana are just several in the United States that provide addiction treatment coverage. Visit our Insurance Verification page to see how you are covered.

Medical Loans

Medical loans are personal loans used specifically to cover medical procedures and treatments. If an individual does not have health insurance, or, if health insurance does not cover the full cost of treatment, medical loans are a great financial supplement. Loans are typically the most expensive option since they collect interest, however, they are an excellent option for those looking to receive top-notch care. Avant, SunTrust Bank, and Sofi are among the highest-rated medical loan providers.

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