Asheville Recovery Center’s Alumni Community

Asheville Recovery Center Alumni Department

Our team is composed of individuals who are in recovery themselves and believe in setting an example on how individuals can live successful, fulfilling lives after treatment. We are dedicated to helping former clients stay connected with us and our network, which extends into the larger recovery community both locally and at large.  Check out our Asheville Recovery Center Alumni Facebook page for event updates, service opportunities, or to simply check in with us and your friends!

Components of Asheville Recovery Center’s Alumni Program

Two of the best ways to stay connected to your recovery family is to join the Asheville Recovery Center Alumni Facebook page, or to participate in our monthly Zoom meetings which are held on the first Tuesday of each month at 7:30pm!

The Alumni Program at ARC also helps recovering addicts stay connected to the recovery community in a variety of ways:

  • Community gatherings and meetings
  • Bi-monthly Newsletter with Alumni spotlights
  • Activities like paintball, hiking, annual 5k, and reunion events
  • Service opportunities such as participating in food drives and peer support
  • Returning to the treatment center as a guest speaker to share success stories
  • Participation in non-local alumni chapter events for those that do not live in Asheville

Our Alumni Mission Statement

Staying engaged with your recovery after treatment may present obstacles, and transitioning back into independent living and all of its responsibilities can be challenging; however, we at Asheville Recovery Center believe in the importance of staying connected after completing any of our treatment programs.
Building relationships with others in recovery and forming a support network is a strong defense against relapse and the goal of our Alumni program is to facilitate those connections. An alumni program for those in recovery serves as the perfect aftercare network for those who are practicing long-term sobriety and are looking for continued encouragement.
The recovery process is an ongoing journey that never ends and Asheville Recovery Center is here to support you every step of the way.

Our Alumni Coordinator, Stewart Pickens

Email Address: [email protected]

Direct Line: (828) 373-6095

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